MSA’s Design and Delivery Models:
Flexible Solutions for Productivity and Efficiency

Mark Siegel Associates provides targeted, practical solutions – powerful learning tools that meet the immediate needs of growing organizations and reach beyond immediate goals to deliver ongoing instructional and business value.

We ensure the right mix of learning management and delivery strategies by building each solution on solid principles of program assessment, adult learning and instructional and visual design. We meet the primary need in a timely manner, while putting in place learning platforms that adapt to an organization's always evolving training, communications and performance management demands.

Mark Siegel Associates’ flexible design and delivery models offer clients:

  • Targeted learning evaluation and benchmarking that translates strategic thinking into tactical, business-focused solutions
  • Curriculum development for constantly changing delivery formats including classroom, online, web conferencing and blended learning platforms
  • Repurposing existing classroom, paper-based and PowerPoint programs for cost-effective online delivery
  • Rapid design and development software packages compatible with existing learning management systems (LMS)
  • Simulations, role-playing, and other interactive performance improvement models
  • Integration of mobile learning, podcasting, collaborative development platforms, and other new technologies for timely, targeted learning delivery
  • Comprehensive knowledge management strategies for just-in-time reinforcement and ongoing skill building

Our development process and program designs emphasize engagement and interaction. Through decades of experience incorporating learning technologies into the mix of client solutions – from CD-ROMs and online learning to today’s integrated platforms that combine e-learning, video/web conferencing, social networking and performance management – we have learned to measure the benefits of technology not by its capabilities, but by its ability to meet learning objectives and enhance the mission of the business.