MSA Development Process

Mark Siegel Associates takes an evidenced-based approach to program design and development, combining our extensive field expertise with industry research to deliver proven solutions that enhance individual and organizational performance. This guides us as we convert the results of the initial Discovery phase of each project into tactical decision-making – connecting each client’s needs with the right tools and development plan.

Our proprietary, systematic process ensures “continuity of development” – employing a comprehensive, transparent development process to seamlessly incorporate adult learning principles, organizational management, and corporate branding across all elements of instructional and platform design.

Our process mirrors the critical thinking and best practices that is common to successful product development, focusing on the core tasks that must be accomplished at each stage and the critical resource and project management concerns that ensure on-cost and on-time delivery. From inception, we uncover any gaps in organizational, production, instructional design, project management, or other program development areas with potential to impact the effort.

We start by building a rigorous engagement framework that addresses all of the outcomes, messages, and organizational concerns that are critical to project success. Just as a medical team taps their experience and research to determine the right treatment or therapy for a patient, our evidence-based practices enable us to arrive at the right mix of learning tools and design elements to achieve measurable results. Then we closely manage and monitor each development task to ensure maximum efficiency in execution.