Case Study: Bristol-Myers Squibb

The Need
Bristol-Myers Squibb needed to train its large, decentralized sales force to support the launch of a high-visibility commercial dermatology product. A cost-effective, innovative approach was required which would eliminate the need for extensive travel and logistical coordination to deliver the required training. The program needed to be easy to use, self-paced, measure performance readiness, and also meet a demanding FDA approval schedule.

The Solution
A comprehensive online learning portal was built, serving as a training tool for both the in-house and contract sales force. The program offered the flexibility to adapt to specific audience and content needs. Character-driven scenarios and graphics were used to present real-world profiles of the target customer and likely selling situations for the sales force.

The Results
An eight module online training curriculum was developed, providing over four hours of instruction and assessment on such topics as anatomy and physiology, business opportunities, reimbursement, competition, and selling skills. The training program was developed in time to meet the aggressive FDA approval schedule, and was successfully delivered to over 3,000 employees throughout the U.S. The program represented for the BMS sales training division, the first successful implementation of an online training curriculum to support a new product launch.