Case Study: Bell South Telecommunications

The Need
Bell South Telecommunications needed to meet OSHA guidelines for training 8,000 employees on emergency first-aid procedures. A major objective was to reduce the current eight-hour program by half, while creating an effective solution to meet the needs of a decentralized workforce. The content had to effectively depict correct responses to diverse emergency situations as well as be technically accurate in order to pass legal and medical review.

The Solution
A team of medical experts, instructional designers, producers, and actors was assembled to create a video and graphic intensive four-hour training program, delivered in CD-ROM and videotape formats. Simulations and case studies placed the learner in typical work environments where they would potentially have to respond to emergency first-aid situations.

The Results
The program was rolled out on time and within budget and reached the goal of decreasing training time by half. Reduced travel costs through localized delivery of training at regional centers and using mobile learning vans meant less time away from work. The company was able to recoup its investment after six months of deployment to its national workforce. The innovative, award-winning performance management system and program design became the basis for other health and safety topics on hazardous chemicals, driver safety, and other topics for Pfizer, HP, Merck and other Fortune 500 companies.