Case Study: Amgen

The Need
Amgen, a leading company in the biotechnology industry, wanted to develop a common learning platform and instructional  tools for its national sales force, that could be adapted to meet the unique, time-sensitive demands of product launches as well as ongoing sustainability training. The company was looking for a highly interactive training model that would cost-effectively deliver consistent, measurable results, ensure performance readiness and could be tailored to meet unique product and audience demands.

The Solution
A flexible, blended instructional design model was developed that saved training time and offered delivery efficiencies by matching content more effectively to delivery formats. Classroom, CD-ROM, online and video modules covered such topics as anatomy and physiology, disease management, managed care, reimbursement and selling skills. Gaming, simulations and case studies were used extensively to depict real-world selling scenarios to reinforce sales models.

The Results The dynamic, integrated multimedia instructional curriculum met the immediate needs for introducing new drugs in the renal, orthopedic, and oncology disease areas combining classroom instruction, online job aids and assessments, and interactive, self-paced instruction. The flexibility of the model provided Amgen with a cost-effective learning platform that they could tailor to meet each product’s unique set of learning outcomes.