About Mark Siegel Associates
25 Years of Experience in Learning-Driven Performance

Leadership drives commitment and leads to positive outcomes. Mark Siegel Associates develops business-focused, end-to end learning solutions tailored to the unique products, audiences, and organizational dynamics of life science, technology and educational institutions. Our integrated management consulting and development process fosters the critical organizational and program elements that result in successful learning.

We combine learning strategy with dynamic learning tools and platforms that adapt to diverse performance, workforce development and knowledge management demands of growing companies. We bring more than 25 years of field-tested learning experience to your organizational needs, guiding you to the most effective learning strategy and delivery tools, and assembling the right team of experts and developers to implement your customized learning solution.

As your partner, we emphasize what is critical to your success. Up-front needs analysis and strategic planning align business and performance objectives with appropriate approaches to meet adult learning and organizational development priorities.

To enhance business performance while controlling costs, we typically provide blended learning strategies for our clients: classroom and other live instruction are combined with learning technologies that achieve greater reach, repeatability, consistency, and sustainability.

Web-based seminars, online portals, and modularized, self-paced eLearning are just a few of the tools we integrate with traditional instruction. These give companies the communications flexibility they need to address changing workforce demographics, increased learner mobility, and social and environmental concerns.

Mark Siegel Associates combines detailed, up-front discovery, a systematic, field-tested process for learning solutions development and implementation, and a best-in-class team of program designers and developers. Your result? Cost-effective, efficient learning tools that deliver sustainable value from your learning investment.